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Artist Glo Anqunette A.K.A Goddess Glo  Portfolio

Not only is Artist Glo is not only the C.E.O of Glowing Star Media, She does awesome Music work in the industry. Creating her own wave of Conscience Slang music, where the music is both fun and Enlightening, Hip and Epic. Artist Glo Does not make music about competing, drugs and violence; Her focus is more so on Evolving the mind and having fun while doing it.. Her over all perspective is Open your mind, which will open the key to true enjoyment of life. Glo is every bit of her name, She Glo in every way! Her new hit Song UNIVERSAL LOVE is admired by people world wide, and is wanted by A lot of top industry shows such as MTV, BET, GSM( Glowing Star Media Net work) and many more. Glo started her Music career in 2011 where she instantly became the top number 1 artist in the city of Las Vegas because of her lovable energy and her captivating lyrics. She is by far larger then life itself. If you ever get a chance to meet her, you will be able to see her GLO instantly! Glowing Star Media's Biggest Key! Album release date March 2019!

Glo Anqunette


Go look for song on Apple music, Youtube music, tidel, deezer, pandora, spotify, ig, the tok and so much more



We’re especially proud of our work on this Fashion Line Marketing project Glo Anqunette World. Her Fashion goes along side with her music. For every song Glo Anqunette make she specially craft and design a custom outfit to fit her Native Hebrew American heritage. She is truly a star when it comes to designs. Cosmic Custom piece is dropping in March Madness fashion week!

Celebrity Signing Items for Fans


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